Brick Painting

You are not stuck with your brick colour!

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Get a brand new look with freshly painted brick!

Painting or staining exterior brick is very popular right now and will continue to be for many more years. You can see examples of houses with painted brick in almost any neighbourhood as well as on leading renovation TV shows!

We have developed a specialized method to refinish your brick exterior for beauty and longevity.

During the paint job process

Our Method

Most painters who attempt to paint exterior brick will either apply the paint by brush only or by spray only. 

By using only a brush or roller, there’s no way that the proper amount of product can be applied for the job to last. The paint just cannot get into and seal all the areas when painting by hand alone. 

But applying the paint only by spray is not preferable either, because without the friction of a brush or  roller, the paint will not penetrate into the texture and pores of the brick. It will just lay on the outer  surface and form a weaker bond with the substrate, peeling and flaking off after only a few seasons. 

So at We Paint Siding, we always back-roll or back-brush the paint after we spray it on. This is an extra  step that makes a big difference for both aesthetics and longevity. As the customer you get the best of both worlds.

From red to grey, exterior house paint
Commercial painting project
Painted house

Brick Painting Testimonials

We Paint Siding spray painted the outside brick and aluminum siding of our house. They are very professional and performed an excellent job – they power washed the exterior before spray painting. After spray painting, they went over all painted areas with a brush to ensure that no spots were missed. The paint job is very thorough – all the nooks and crannies and crevices in between the bricks were  painted. The house underwent a complete transformation, we are very satisfied!

Brick house painted


The crew finished our outside paint job yesterday. It has exceeded our expectations!! We are so impressed with your team, and their attention to details. As experienced renovators we really appreciate an exceptional job!! WELL DONE!!

Freshly painted brick house


Our Process

  • Thoroughly pressure wash and clean all the brick, and allow enough days to fully dry out

  • Fill gaps and cracks in the brick. Cracks tend to be more noticeable once the brick is painted a  solid colour, so we make sure to seal them all up

  • Completely mask and protect all surrounding areas and surfaces from possible overspray

  • Apply a generous amount of paint by spray

  • Back-roll or back-brush all the excess paint into the brick, using the friction to work the product into the texture.

  • Remove the masking and reveal the finished product! 
Exterior paint job, before and after
Freshly painted brick house
Another commercial project
House with fresh white paint
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