Our 10 Year Warranty

Your paint job will include a 10-year written warranty on most aluminum and vinyl substrates. These materials are non-porous and therefore make great substrates for paint, provided they are clean and the paint is applied properly.

This means that the only factors that could result in paint failure are poor procedure or faulty application methods, conditions, or products. All of which are within our control.

That is why we are proud to protect you against any possibility of an application error. We are completely invested in ensuring top quality and long-lasting paint jobs, every time.

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Warranty Information​

The following lists include the surfaces that We Paint Siding warranties in general if painted, unless exceptions are noted on a client’s individual warranty document. In most cases, the warranty details are included as part of the client’s final invoice and they should keep that document, in the case that a need for warranty arises.

The details that follow are general in nature and not every client will have all of the following surfaces painted.​


Aluminum and/or vinyl siding, soffits, eavestroughs, downspouts, trimming, capping, fascia, window surrounds, aluminum window frames (not vinyl), door trims, solid doors, garage doors, porch undersides, shutters, metal or vinyl fencing, pillars, columns.


Wood, masonry, stucco, or cement-board siding, board and batten, bricks, blocks, or walls, wood soffits, trimming, capping, fascia, window surrounds, window frames, solid doors, garage doors, porch undersides, shutters, fencing, railings, and wood or masonry pillars or columns.​


The paint coatings applied by We Paint Siding are guaranteed not to peel, flake, blister, or fail in any way as a result of normal and natural environmental conditions for 10 years from the date of the provided invoice/warranty document. In the event that any peeling or flaking occurs, the area will be prepared and repainted as necessary. Furthermore, every effort will be made to determine the cause of peeling and to identify if there is a systemic problem and if further warrantied work will be required.


Any paint coatings on the following surfaces are not covered under warranty: Metal screen doors, any metal or vinyl surface that had been previously peeling, any paint coating that had a peeling paint coating beneath it (inter-coat peeling), the inner-most frames of any windows or doors that slide open, any flooring surface including decking.

The following situations are not covered by warranty:

– Damage to the paint finish caused by physical impact of any kind

– Colour fading is not covered by warranty. But it should be expected to take 10+ years to see any noticeable fading

– Paint coatings on any surface in direct contact with the ground or regular moisture

– Paint coatings on any wood substrates that were rotted (brown, white, or soft rot)

– Paint coatings on any wood substrates that were heavily pitted or grooved because of weathering or rot

– Paint coatings on any wood or masonry substrates covering areas where moisture may get trapped and unable to drain or breathe properly because of poor or damaged construction

– Paint coatings on any masonry substrates that are crumbling or detaching from the surface beneath it.​

Warranty only becomes activated upon full and complete payment for the finished job.

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