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We Paint Siding, and that’s basically all we do.

We’ve been a painting company since 2001 and here is our story:

During the first 10 years or so of owning a painting company, on many occasions I would book jobs that included painting a house’s siding.

In the beginning, many aspects of these jobs were very difficult, including access (usually heights), preparation, getting a nice finish (impossible with a brush/roller), or getting a large enough and competent crew.

As we did more of these jobs we discovered many tools, tips, tricks, secrets, and techniques for completing these jobs with excellent quality.

We then developed it all into a system that delivers beautiful results and makes what other painters find difficult and troublesome into something we love and specialize in.

​WePaintSiding.com was born!

Eventually, I decided that painting siding was my favorite kind of job and also discovered that there were no other painters across the Greater Toronto Area that have developed a system for doing these jobs like we have. 

I promptly decided that it was time to specialize my business and service this niche market. 

We work on houses big and small and can paint many other surfaces along with your siding, such as soffits, eavestroughs, fascia, and doors.  These are all surfaces that many painters find difficult to paint effectively.

– Kevin Bauer, Owner

Man painting siding

We're Siding Specialists.

We have all the specific tools and techniques necessary to spray-paint a beautiful finish on your home. We take extra care to extensively mask or cover all areas not to be painted to prevent over-spray. We are well equipped for power-washing (even at heights), masking, and spray-painting. We are also able to hand-paint certain areas of the job where spraying is not practical. But we do not take exterior painting jobs that do not include a siding painting portion. So if you’re looking to have some garage doors painted, or just some window trims, we’re not the company you’re looking for.

WePaintSiding.com is your smartest and safest option for painting your home’s siding. We service Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Georgetown, Guelph, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, West Toronto, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and all surrounding areas.

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