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The Process

Here’s a quick overview of our process. You can also watch the video to see our process in action!​

  • Power wash all surfaces to remove dirt, and old chalky powdered paint.
  • Extensively mask off and cover all areas not to be painted including:  Windows, doors, brick, roof, patio/decking, etc.
  • Spray paint surfaces for an exquisite finish.
  • Remove masking and complete final touch-ups or hand-painting.
  • A fraction of the cost of replacing siding.  The finish will never flake or peel!
Before - Outdated colours and faded finishes. We start by power washing all surfaces to remove chalky, powderized paint.
Trim painting - Windows are masked and the trim, eavestroughs, and soffits are spray-painted white first.
Shutters and doors - Shutters are removed for painting. In this case they'll be white like the trim. We sometimes remove doors for spraying, sometimes hand paint them without removing.
Masking the trim - After the trim is painted white, it's time to mask it off so the siding painting can commence. You can see we're already painting the siding on the right side of the pic. Note how the roof is completely protected with tarps.
Removing the masking - We've done two tones, two coats each, it's time to start removing the masking.
After - A blended and modern new look. This job cost less than 1/4 the cost of replacing all the surfaces we painted
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The Surfaces

We’re often asked if aluminum, metal, vinyl, stucco, or even brick can be painted.  They all can be painted with the proper techniques, tools, and products.

Have us paint these surfaces on your house:​​

  • Siding – aluminum, vinyl, wood, board, or stucoo
  • Doors and shutters – metal, plastic, or wood
  • Trim, fascia, soffits – aluminum or wood
  • Railings, sheds, fences, etc.
Aluminum siding - The finish on siding will wear down a lot over time. But usually the siding itself is perfectly fine.
Refinished siding - When done properly a new paint job will never flake or peel. The new finish will last 20 or more years before simply fading again.
Maintenance free? - Though the aluminum siding is 50 years old, only the finish is worn.
Good for 30 more years? - We specialize in maintaining these 'maintenance free' surfaces. Aluminum and vinyl siding painting is our most common job.
Eaves, shutters, and trim - We typically remove and paint certain items like downspouts, shutters, and even doors. Colour changes are possible for eaves and trim.
Entranceways and window frames - We can paint front doors and window frames and colour changes are possible
Save replacing that doorway - Painting a doorway all one colour is an affordable way to get that 'grand entrance' feel without buying a new door.
Peeling repaints - Many people and painters incorrectly prepare and paint aluminum surfaces and these repaints can peel. We can smooth the surface sound again and paint so it will not peel.
Painted properly - Proper cleaning and preparation is key. Spraying the paint makes it more durable on smooth surfaces because it creates a uniform layer (rather than brushing grooves in). A product formulated for aluminum or vinyl is critical as well.
Brick, masonry, and stone - If cleaned properly, masonry makes a great substrate for paint.
The product is key - Choosing the right product for the substrate is a big part. All paint is not equal.
Good ole wood - We stain board and batten. Although we spray to apply the product we backbrush with a lot of force to work that stain in. For rough cut wood this is extremely important. Painters that just spray are doing an inferior job and painters that just brush will certainly not get enough product in there.
Metal roofs - We can paint metal roofs like this one. The process to do it correctly must be thorough including cleaning, priming, and painting.
Stucco too - The stucco on this restaurant was painted as well. Exterior stucco can really be brought back to life with a fresh paint job.
Metal, vinyl and stucco - Three surfaces in rough shape here.
We paint siding - We are exterior siding painting specialists
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Wood Siding​

We can also apply our methods to paint or stain wood siding.

  • Blackened siding – Using a proven technique and the correct materials we can clean and restore blackened wood prior to staining.
  • Board and batten – We apply solid stain to board and batten siding with a particular process that provides superior results.  See the slide show for details.  Our process provides a job that will last much longer than the techniques most painters use.
  • Shakes – We can apply solid stain to shakes or wood shingles.
  • Maibec or other wood siding – If your siding was previously painted and is in sound condition but faded, we can apply our method for excellent results.
Board and Batten - Here is our process for a typical exterior board and batten painting project. We do it the right way for beauty and longevity.
Preparation - Pressure washing and surface preparation are very important. We always allow more than adequate time for the surfaces to dry again.
Painting the trim - Windows get masked and the trim gets painted in the first colour tone.
Paint soffits, fascia, trims, eaves - Two coats are usually required when changing colours on wood. When freshening up the same colour, one coat good coat is usually sufficient.
Downspouts and shutters - To paint downspouts and shutters we usually remove them and spray them separately for excellent results.
Drying time
Masking again - Once we've painted the trim we mask those surfaces off to get ready for painting the board and batten siding.
Masking is key - Masking is a big part of our process. There are often multiple rounds of masking on our jobs.
Siding painting/staining - The stain is applied by spray. This ensures enough product gets used. Using only a brush makes it very difficult to apply enough volume of stain. But for rough wood surfaces, brushing the stain into the wood is important. So we back-brush for optimal results.
Brush it in boys! - Large brushes with poles for leverage ensures that the stain is worked in with enough friction for deep penetration and coverage.
Working together - Spraying, brushing, and watching for missed spots is a team effort!
Second coat - Sometimes second coats are just sprayed and sometimes back-brushed as well. It depends how saturated the wood is with product. Ensuring full saturation of the substrate can add 5+ years to the longevity of the job.
Beautiful new colour scheme - Removing the masking reveals a whole new look.
Heritage look in Erin - This colour scheme is actually a throwback to how the house had previously looked.
Two-toned - Two tones is pricier but a fantastic look.
After - When done properly, solid stain on board and batten will last 7-10 years or more.
Before - The previous coating was a solid stain so we could apply solid stain over it.
After - We won't use paint on board and batten siding. We don't use semi-transparent stains either. Solid stain is the best option.
Solid stain - Solid stain provides full coverage like paint, but maintains that wood texture. It doesn't sit on top like an 'armour' like paint does.
Before - We did this shed as part of the same job. Including repainting the metal roof.
During - Two toned for a very nice look.
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We have crews that can complete exterior commercial spray painting projects of all different varieties.

The slideshow profiles a plaza that was painted in Guelph as well as some other commercial jobs we’ve completed.

  • Store fronts
  • Restaurants
  • Plazas
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Office buildings
  • Centers and facilities
  • Churches
Before - All aluminum, brick, and stucco surfaces were painted on this plaza in Guelph.
After - High areas were accessed via boom lift.
After - The brick surfaces were caulked wherever cracked and then spray painted with back-rolling.
Before - You can see the caulking already done here above the pillar.
After - A little more colourful.
After - The towers turned out very nice. A more modern look, but still vibrant.
After - The stripe was a nice touch as the back of this building is visible from one of the main roads.
Georgetown Meineke
Milton Meineke
Before - This restaurant is in Georgetown.
Church - This church is in Georgetown.
The Williams Mill - Wood clapboard siding on this artist studio center in Glen Williams.
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We service Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Acton, Erin, Caledon, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Orangeville, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, St. Catharines, Niagara, and Brantford!

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