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Newly painted siding, before and after

Most home owners aren’t aware that aluminum or vinyl siding can be painted..

Have you faced this dilemma?:

Either do nothing and have a house with faded and out-of-date siding…​


Replace it with brand new, but inferior and over-priced vinyl siding.

We Paint Siding has the solution.

Paint the siding for a fraction of the cost!

Don’t spend 4X as much for replacement siding.

You don’t need to keep living in an ugly house.

There is a way to have a beautiful house for a reasonable price.

We Paint Siding is proud to service the Guelph area and would love to provide you with a free estimate.

Keep reading for more details on our process and our 10-Year Guarantee.  

You can find more before/after pictures and information on the rest of the website as well.

Testimonials from Guelph

Thanks again for all the hard work – it turned out great and really “spruced up” the exterior of our place.

White siding paint, stunning house

Angela, Guelph

Just so you know your crew is fantastic and a wonderful group of guys. Very professional and do a great job protecting the house and ensuring the client is happy. So happy with the service we have received.

Dark green siding house

Wendy, Guelph

Thanks for your work. The guys working did a great job and were very personable.

House with bright yellow siding

Emily, Guelph

With our specialized process, we can affordably transform the look of your house

We Paint Siding has been happy to service Guelph for many years now.  We have a process that can freshen up faded and out-dated aluminum and vinyl siding.  These techniques can also be applied to paint brick, stucco, or wooden exterior siding or other surfaces.  Our specialized process includes the following:

  • An extensive ‘water-scrape’ of all surfaces to be painted.  This is done with a pressure washer, equipped with long extension wands to handle even high areas of the house.  The siding is washed board by board to remove years of dust, dirt, and old chalky paint residue

  • Scraping and sanding of anything stuck to the siding, including remnants of old vines or vegetation, old dried up caulking, etc.  We also caulk gaps and cracks around windows and chimneys

  • Proper preparation of any wood surfaces which often includes scraping, sanding, filling, and priming

  • Utilizing an array of tools and techniques, plastic, paper, tarps, and tape to completely mask off and cover all surrounding areas that are not to be painted

  • Painting of the siding and other surfaces with a high quality, sprayed-on coating that is formulated for use on aluminum and vinyl, and will never flake or peel

  • Cleaning up the job site and ‘de-masking’ to reveal your fresh ‘new’ house!

Our services can include painting any or all of the following:

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Stucco
  • Brick
  • Aluminum Soffits and Eaves
  • Shutters
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • And more!

But won't the paint peel off!? Can you really put new paint on aluminum and vinyl surfaces?

We get this question all the time because it is a common misconception that aluminum and vinyl cannot be safely painted.  But acrylic paint coatings have been used successfully on these substrates for over 40 years now.  As long as the work is done properly, aluminum and vinyl siding are both great substrates for paint.

The best thing about these surfaces is that they are not permeable to water.  This means that once the paint coating has bonded and cured, there is no stress on it from water vapour evaporating through the layer.  Compare this to painting wood, the main reason paint always peels off of wood eventually is because water gets in behind and then evaporates through, putting stress on the paint coating.

So the key is to ensure a strong initial bond and proper curing of the paint coating to begin with.  Here are the most important aspects:

  • Properly preparing the substrate

  • Choosing the right paint

  • Applying the paint in the best possible conditions

At We Paint Siding, we use a system and process that makes sure these steps are all followed properly, every time.  We paint these kinds of jobs every day and have mastered the necessary steps and techniques through repetition and systems.

You can read more detail about our process below:


Most of the houses we paint have built up dust, dirt, or old chalky paint on the siding.  Sometimes there is a degree of mold or mildew growth in certain areas.

So the first part of our process is pressure washing the siding and other surfaces.  The washing is done board-by-board to ensure contaminants are scraped off sufficiently.  We use high-powered washers with extension wands to get the proper angle for washing, even for the high spots on houses.  

Most painters won’t even try to clean the siding, or will use a washer without the proper reach.  They can be seen spraying a mist up from the ground to the high areas, applying no pressure to the surface and not actually cleaning it.

In the case of mold or mildew build-up, we will also apply a mildewcide cleaner and scrub those areas as necessary.


If anything is stuck onto the siding, we will remove it by scraping or sanding.  We regularly have to take off the remnants of ivy plants or other vines, dried up old caulking, or even remains of eggs once thrown at the house (from when a previous owner lived there, of course)!

It’s our job to make sure that nothing stuck on the siding will interfere with the adhesion or longevity of the paint job in any way.  For areas that had heavy vegetation coverage, we will remove 85-90% of the remains, making them nearly unnoticeable once the siding has been repainted.

We also prepare and paint wood surfaces like trims, windows, doors, the siding itself, and almost anything else.  Wooden surfaces often need scraping, sanding, and/or filling.


It’s important to use the right product, especially when painting aluminum or vinyl and when doing it outdoors in the elements.  

The paints we use are engineered for application to these substrates.  Paint technology is always improving with more features and uses, but the the predecessors of these products have been used on vinyl and aluminum for over 40 years, with proven results.

These products are also ideal for spray-application to prevent overlap lines and for forming a thick and durable coating.  Rather than having fast drying times like many new paints, these paints stay ‘open’ longer and self-level for a smooth and even finish.

You may hear other painting companies say that they’ve created a special paint, and only it can be used on siding.  They claim to have discovered a secret that the bigger companies could not figure out…

But the large companies like Sherwin Williams or Dulux have in fact been producing products that are meant for siding for many years.  We trust the expertise and track-record of these companies and their many chemists and labs, and the fact that they always stand behind their products.


When painting outdoors in sun, wind, rain, bugs, and humidity, proper planning is important.  An experienced painter will always account for variables like weather conditions, local Guelph forecasts, when direct sunlight will be on certain parts of the house, the size of his crew, how many different colours are being painted, how dark those colours are, how hard it will be to access the different areas to be painted, and many many others. 

We Paint Siding makes use of a number of checklists and systems so that painters and crews are always taking into account the various factors that might affect the planning of a job.  Because of our experience and refined procedures, we can always provide the best possible job, even in outdoor conditions.

The majority of painters simply aren’t refined or experienced enough in exterior residential spray-painting to be able to guarantee a top quality job, regardless of what the elements throw at them.  The kind of work we do is very different from the typical interior painting that most painting companies hang their hats on.

Take just one example:  Painting dark colours in direct sunlight is something that must be avoided because the paint will dry too quickly.  But ensuring this doesn’t happen takes careful planning from the very beginning of the day.  Before the job starts our crews are reminded (by our checklists) to consider where the sun will be at all times during the day, so they can plan the best strategy accordingly.

Because we are confident in the process that we have developed, we are proud to include a 10-Year Guarantee on all of our aluminum and vinyl siding work.  We’ve done many of these jobs in Guelph and the surrounding areas over the years.

Spray Application Vs. Brush and Roller

Applying the paint by spray produces a much better finish than by brush or roller.

Using a brush or roller to paint actually puts grooves or stipples into the finish, adding unwanted texture and surface area to the coating.  There will be high and low spots in the finish, which severely inhibits the lateral bonding properties of the paint (how the molecules bond to each other ‘sideways’ to form a durable whole). 

One result of this is faster buildup of dirt and dust as they more readily collect on a rougher finish than on a smoother one. 

Also, when applying paint by brush or roller, friction is always involved.  This means the coat applied can only be a very thin one because attempting to add more paint just results in the material being pushed around.

Spray painting on the other hand allows a large area to be applied at once.  This means the coating can be built up thicker and allowed to all dry together, greatly improving the integrity of the coat.  The result is a stronger and smoother finish that lasts longer and stays cleaner.

The final coating we provide is thicker and more durable than 2 traditional hand-painted coats of paint.

A Superior Process

The points outlined here only provide a basic summary techniques and proven procedures of a typical We Paint Siding job. 

We can guarantee both longevity and beauty with our paint jobs because of our specialized process and our commitment to quality.

10 year warranty badge

Our work on aluminum and vinyl includes a 10-year written warranty.

We guarantee that the paint will not flake or peel from the surface.

As detailed above, we are very confident that the paint will never flake or peel once it has properly bonded onto the substrate.

The only way the paint could peel is if the job was not completed properly.  If this ever happened, flaking or peeling would be apparent in a very short time (within 1-2 years).  

This is why we offer a 10-year warranty, to thoroughly protect you against anything that could go wrong.  You can rest assured that we are committed to doing the job right.

Remember, when correctly applied to aluminum or vinyl, a paint coating will last well in excess of 10 years, never flaking or peeling.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can see our crews painting siding in the following neighbourhoods and more: Downtown Guelph, Westminster Woods, Kortright, Old University, Onward Willow, Saint Georges, St. Patrick’s, Hanlon Creek, The Junction, Two Rivers, and the East, West, and North ends.

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