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Yes! It's time to update the look of your house this year.

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Exterior paint job, before and after

A lot of home owners aren’t aware that aluminum and vinyl siding and other surfaces can be painted.

They face a difficult ‘reality’ : 

Either just live with having a faded and out-of-style exterior to their house…


Replace it with new, but expensive and inferior vinyl siding

But We Paint Siding can offer the solution.

We can affordably paint aluminum and vinyl siding and other exterior surfaces.​

Painting is often 1/4 the price of replacement siding, soffits, eaves, trim, etc!

Yes you can update the look of your house.

​It’s possible to finally have some curb appeal without spending an arm and a leg.

We have been beautifying and updating neighbourhoods in Oakville and Burlington for years now. Let us give you a free estimate.

Please see below for more details on our process, our 10-Year Guarantee, and customer testimonials from Oakville and Burlington

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Testimonials from Oakville & Burlington

All testimonials are completely unsolicited. These are natural customer responses received by email:

Thank you for fitting us in. Your guys were fast and professional and I appreciate that. I wish all the companies I have been dealing with are the same.

Another house that received exterior painting

Joe, Burlington

I am very happy with the colour, Tom and Davis were extremely professional, careful with the plants around the house and left the house in a clean and orderly state. Overall they did a wonderful job and worked diligently throughout the 2 days they were here.

Green siding freshly painted

Vivienne, Oakville

We are very happy with the work done by Tom, Tristen, and Jordan. They were Extremely professional and courteous during the entire process and the finished product looks amazing.

Nice siding paint job, dark grey

Mike, Burlington

Let us transform the look of your home with our specialized spray-painting process.

We Paint Siding has been proudly servicing Oakville and Burlington for over 10 years.  Our thorough and specialized preparation and spray-painting process beautifully refinishes old aluminum and vinyl siding.  Brick, stucco, and wood surfaces can also be transformed using these techniques.  Here is an overview of our process:

  • Using a pressure washer we will thoroughly clean all surfaces to be painted.  This removes any dust, dirt, or chalky paint residue that has built up over the years.  We are able to effectively reach higher areas on the house using professional extension wands and a high powered washer

  • Anything stuck to the siding will be scraped off.  This may include remnants of vegetation or old dried caulking.  We will also repair any gaps and cracks in caulking along windows, trims, and chimneys

  • Wood or masonry surfaces often need scraping, grinding, and sanding to remove old peeling paint.  We will do any filling and caulking necessary on these surfaces also

  • We’ll completely protect all surrounding areas from over-spray.  We use a variety of tools and techniques to cover everything on the house and in the yard with paper, plastic, tape, and tarps

  • The aluminum and vinyl siding and other surfaces will be painted with a beautiful and long-lasting sprayed-on finish that will never flake or peel

  • The grounds around your house will be cleaned up and the house itself ‘de-masked’ to reveal your beautifully updated house!

We can use our process to paint any of the following surfaces:

  • Aluminum Siding
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Wood Siding
  • Stucco
  • Brick
  • Aluminum Soffits and Eaves
  • Shutters
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • And more!

Are aluminum and vinyl siding really paintable? Won't the paint peel off badly!?

This is a common question that we get because many people think that paint won’t stick to ‘slick’ surfaces like aluminum or vinyl siding.  The truth is that painters have been using acrylic paints on these surfaces for more than 40 years.  Preparation, application, and product are all very important, but if done right, aluminum and vinyl are actually great substrates for paint.

These substrates do not allow water to evaporate though them, unlike wood and masonry.  Typically it’s the evaporating water that puts major stress on a paint coating that is on wood or masonry, eventually causing it to peel.  When on aluminum and vinyl however, once the coating is fully bonded and cured, there is very little stress on it.

Making sure of the initial application and bonding of the coating is therefore absolutely essential, and is comprised of the following factors:

  • Correctly and thoroughly preparing the surface

  • Choosing the appropriate product

  • Properly applying the paint

At We Paint Siding, we use procedures that ensure these factors are always accounted for.  Our crews are specialized and perform these kinds of paint jobs every single day.  On top of the training and experience, we also employ the use of checklists and systems to guarantee quality on every job.

More details about our process can be seen below:


Any contaminants that may be on the surfaces to paint must be cleaned off.  Usually there is a degree of dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and chalky paint that we will remove by pressure washing.

The washing is done carefully and thoroughly, even on higher access areas.  We are able to ‘scrape’ the contaminants off using a powerful machine and large extension wands.  

Many other painters will not even try to clean the siding, or will not do it properly.  It’s surprising how many are not properly equipped with the extension wands or powerful enough washers to reach the higher areas.  Second story siding, soffits, and eaves cannot be properly cleaned from the ground level with a standard washing gun.

If mold or mildew is present, we treat those areas with an exterior mildewcide cleaner as well.


If anything is stuck onto the siding, we will scrape and sand it off as necessary.  We often have to remove the remnants of ivy plants or other vines, old hardened caulking, or even remains of eggs once thrown at the house (from when a previous owner lived there, of course)!

We’ll be sure that nothing that is stuck on the siding will interfere with the adhesion or longevity of the paint job in any way.  For areas that have a lot of vegetation remnants, we will remove 85-90%, making it almost unnoticeable once the repainting job is done.

We also prepare and paint wood surfaces like trims, windows, doors, the siding itself, and almost anything else.  Wooden surfaces often need scraping, sanding, and/or filling.


It is essential to use the correct products when painting aluminum and/or vinyl siding, and when painting outdoors in the elements.  

The products we paint with are engineered for use on exterior aluminum and vinyl.  While paint technology is always getting better, these products and their predecessors have been applied to these substrates with great success for over 40 years now.  They are tried and true, which is why we use them.

Having a product that is ideal for spraying is also important.  Using the right paint will prevent overlap lines and form a thick and durable coating.  Paint that is self-leveling and stays ‘open’ for longer (ie: doesn’t dry too fast) is key to a good spray-paint job.

You may have heard from other painting companies that there are no readily available paints on the market for painting exterior vinyl and aluminum, but that is simply not true.  They’re trying to create a narrative about how they’ve discovered the secret formula for painting these substrates to boost their image and sales.

The main paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams or Dulux have been producing products for use on various types of siding for many years.  The expertise of these companies’ chemists and the track-record of these products is where we put our trust, and they have not disappointed yet.


Painting outdoors means there are many different factors to plan around such as sun, wind, rain, bugs, humidity, and others.  Our crew leaders always account for variables like weather conditions, local Oakville and Burlington forecasts, the timing of direct sunlight on each part of the house, the size of the crew, the number of different colours to paint, and how dark they are, the difficulty of access (especially heights), and many others.

The We Paint Siding system includes checklists and procedures so that our crews are always considering all the external factors that may affect how to plan the job correctly.  The combination of experience and refined systems ensures that we are applying the best possible job in any conditions.

Being Specialists, we are far better at working in exterior situations than most painters.  Most painting companies rely mostly on interior painting jobs for the bulk of their business and only do exterior jobs sparingly.

As an example:  We often come across a situation where we have to either paint over a dark colour, or paint a new dark colour onto the substrate.  We realize that this must be carefully planned around the movement of the sun, as painting dark colours (or painting over them) in direct sunlight is risky.  So we anticipate the movement of the sun and plan our day from the beginning to avoid this problem.

The process that we’ve developed makes us confident and proud to include a 10-Year Guarantee on all of our aluminum and vinyl siding painting work.  These are the types of jobs we’ve been doing in Oakville and Burlington for many years now.

Spray Application Vs. Brush and Roller

Applying the paint by spray produces a much better finish than by brush or roller.

When applying paint onto a smooth surface like aluminum or vinyl, it’s important to maximize the bonding properties of the paint.  But application by brush or roller causes grooves or stipples in the finish which actually weaken the lateral bonding characteristics of paint.  The coating will have high spots and low spots caused by the friction of the tools.

The surface will actually become dirty more easily because dust and dirt will rest on the ‘rougher’ finish, compared to the original finish, or a sprayed-on repaint. 

The paint can only be applied in very thin coats by brush or roller also.  Again because of the friction, it doesn’t take long for the tool to simply push the paint around.  

When spray painting, the paint can be applied to a large area all at once.  The coating can go on thicker and more quickly allowing it to all dry together and greatly improving the strength of it.  Painting by spray results in a thicker and smoother coat that will last longer and stay looking clean for years to come.

The final coating we provide is thicker and more durable than 2 traditional hand-painted coats of paint.

A Superior Process

The descriptions above offer only a brief insight into the various aspects of our process and experience that demonstrate the expertise We Paint Siding can bring to your job. 

It’s for these and many other reasons that we are confident that we are the best choice for a beautiful and long-lasting paint job on aluminum, vinyl, wood, stucco, or brick siding.

10 year warranty badge

We Paint Siding includes a 10-year written warranty on aluminum and vinyl substrates.

We guarantee that the sprayed-on coating will not flake or peel.

Because of the process outlined above, we are very confident that the paint job will look beautiful and never peel off.

The only way paint would peel from these substrates is if it was applied poorly.  But this means the coating would not cure or bond sufficiently onto the surface and any peeling or other problems would show within 1-2 years.  

The 10-year warranty that we include protects our clients against any kind of application problem for far longer than necessary.  It is very important to us that job is done correctly and stands the test of time.

Remember, aluminum and vinyl are great substrates for paint.  A paint job done right will last for many years and never flake or peel.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can see our crews painting siding in the following Burlington neighbourhoods: Aldershot, Tyandaga, Brant Hills, Mountainside, Plains, Central, Dynes, Roseland, Shoreacres, Elizabeth Gardens, Pinedale, Longmoor, Palmer, Tansley, The Orchard, Millcroft, Headon Forest, Alton Village, Brant Hills, Waterdown, and the surrounding rural areas.

You can see our crews painting siding in the following Oakville neighbourhoods: Bronte, Central, Clearview, Sherwood Heights, College Park, Falgarwood, Glen Abbey, Joshua Creek, Morrison, Old Oakville, Queen Elizabeth, River Oaks, Southwest, Wedgewood Creek, West Oak Trails, Westmount, and the Northern rural areas.

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